49ers Rookie Mike Davis Gets Stuck With A Nearly $1900 Dinner Bill


Of all pranks that get pulled on every NFL rookie, “getting stuck with a massive dinner bill” is probably somewhere between “they have to carry pads for veteran players” and “get tied to a goal post and stay there for like seven hours” on the list of things that invariably occur every preseason. It’s usually pretty entertaining to find out how much the most expensive bill is that a rookie has to foot.

So far, the bill that former South Carolina star and San Francisco’s fourth-round pick in the 2015 Draft Mike Davis may be the biggest one that we’ve seen so far this offseason. Davis went out for dinner with some of his teammates at a restaurant in the Bay Area and got stuck with a bill worth $1,878.59. There’s no word on how many teammates Davis treated, or what exactly they ate that made the bill cost so much money, but fortunately this is one of the least malicious things that can happen to a rookie in the NFL. You can probably assume that Davis – who has a four year deal with the team worth about $2.75 million – was able to take care of the meal, and that he really regrets not going to Taco Bell and just getting some tacos that night.