Mike Vick Is Endorsing Products Again

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01.26.11 9 Comments

When Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick injured his chest against the Washington Redskins earlier this season (above), Unequal Technologies came to the rescue with a special set of pads that would lessen the chances that he’d suffer an even more serious injury upon his return. And thanks to those pads, Vick went on to lead the Eagles to a playoff loss against a team that is playing in the Super Bowl. What a story.

But Unequal is rewarding Vick’s comeback tale with his first paid endorsement deal since his return to the NFL. The man who once pitched Coca-Cola, Gatorade, and Nike is back in business, and while the terms of his new deal haven’t been released, we can only imagine it features the amount of zeroes you’d expect from a small company we’ve never heard of.

Hit me as hard as you can in the junk, New York Daily News:

“We’re real excited about it,” Unequal chief Rob Vito said. “Michael is good people. He paid his dues. President Obama reached out to him. He deserves an opportunity. This is what makes America so great. He’s moved forward. He’s a whole other person.”

Unequal Technologies is best known for using Kevlar – the ultrastrong fiber used in bullet-proof vests – in its protective equipment and sneaker insoles.

“Unequal’s protective power gives me a whole new level of confidence in my game,” Vick said in a statement. “It makes me feel invincible.”

Hot damn, the guy didn’t skip a beat on the field or in the business world. Shockingly, there is no backlash over this deal yet. I at least expected PETA to Google the address for Unequal and send a few naked fat chicks to throw dead squirrels at Vito and his employees. Give it time, I guess.

(Banner image via Lehigh Valley Live)

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