A Minor League Team Put A Hot Dog In A Pizza, And Nothing Is Sacred Anymore

Do you like pizza? Do you like hot dogs? Do you like hot dogs baked in pizza crust?

In today’s news about gluttony and people eating gross things comes word of a minor league baseball promotion that combines your two favorite foods, hot dogs and pizza. Except it’s not like, “Hey, eat three hot dogs and a large pizza and be super happy for the rest of the game.” It’s, “Let’s be freakin’ disgusting and bake a goddamn hot dog in this pizza crust.”


“The idea for the Frankenslice comes from [Grizzlies director of marketing] Sam Hansen, who was trying to pair something with our Halfway to Halloween promotion,” said Grizzlies communication manager Ryan Young. “Enter a certain food vendor. … We call him the Bobby Flay of the ballpark [his real name is Justin Dukes]. He has a smoker and peach wood that he cooks everything over it. From tri-tip to the Frankenslice, he’s down to cook it.”

First of all, that doesn’t look appetizing. Second, gun to my head, I’m eating it. To summarize, I hate myself.

Also, unrelated, a hot dog in a pizza is not a sandwich.

Thank you.