This Minor League Pitcher Nonchalantly Snagged A Line Drive With His Bare Hand

Minor League Baseball can often produce phenomenal highlights. We got the latest example of this from 24-year-old left-hander Brady Bowen earlier this week. The video above took place on Sept. 1 as Bowen took the mound as a member of the State College Spikes in Class A short season ball, and the southpaw self-proclaimed the event as the highlight of his baseball career to this point.

Bowen’s pitching performance on this particular night was not outstanding by any means, as he allowed five earned runs in only 1.1 innings of work. Still, it seems less than aggressive to assume that the previously unknown pitcher would gladly accept his moment in the sun as the centerpiece of an awesome play.

For further reference, here is another angle of Bowen’s shining moment:

For good measure, Bowen’s bare-handed snatch did, in fact, make ESPN’s SportsCenter on Saturday evening, and he definitely deserves the recognition. The force by which a baseball is struck and would be coming back at an unsuspecting pitcher in this spot is off the charts, and the nonchalant, casual way in which Bowen snagged the ball surely gives him street cred for the near future.

Shout-out to Brady Bowen. Enjoy your shine for this one. And make sure you ice your hand, because there’s no way this didn’t hurt.