Fox’s ‘Minority Report’ Gave The Washington Redskins A Hilarious New Name

In a better reality, Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder has already changed the organization’s name. In an alternate, totally fake reality, the work has been done for him.

Fox’s drama “Minority Report” apparently takes place in 2065. However, according to the show, the Redskins name was changed to the “Redclouds” in 2019. Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post watched the show and (tried to) relay how the whole thing happened:

Turns out, however, that this name change is not a 2065 production. No, as the show’s most recent episode makes clear, the Redskins actually become the Redclouds in time for the 2019 season, with the creation of a horrific logo to boot.

The latest episode features [random description of plotline I totally didn’t follow because I was just looking for images of football jerseys]. And strikingly, a key piece of evidence in the case is an authentic jersey dating from 2019.

“It’s a 2019 Redclouds jersey,” [random main character whose name I didn’t catch] says when this image flashes in front of her. “It’s the year that they changed their name; it’s almost impossible to get. Believe me, I’ve tried.”

Granted, renaming the Redskins the Redclouds is a bit like trying to alter a tattoo of a significant other’s name on your body. But anything’s better than the current name, I suppose.

Here’s another image from the show, courtesy of Steinberg, with a kid wearing a No. 10 “Redclouds” jersey—presumably for Robert Griffin III. Whether he’s still the backup to Kirk Cousins wasn’t explained, however.

(Via the Washington Post)