MLB Awards Shocker: Guess Who Won The Commissioner Bud Selig Leadership Award

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01.22.14 6 Comments

“This is mine, too.”<br />(via Getty Image)

The Baseball Assistance Team is having its annual dinner next Tuesday, and honorees include Jimmy Rollins and Michael Weiner, the former players’ union head who passed away late last year.

This is all good, but I’m including the entire press release below, because you’re gonna love who they’re giving the Bud Selig Leadership Award to:

NEW YORK (AP) — Michael Weiner, the players’ union head who died from a brain tumor in November, will be honored by the Baseball Assistance Team during its annual dinner next Tuesday.

Weiner will be given a lifetime achievement award that will be accepted by his widow, Diane Margolin.

Former NL MVP Jimmy Rollins will be given the Big B.A.T./Frank Slocum Award for his financial support and generosity to the community, the organization said Thursday. Seven-time All-Star Michael Young will be presented with the Bart Giamatti Award for best exemplifying the compassion demonstrated by the late commissioner, who died in 1989.

Current Commissioner Bud Selig will receive the first Commissioner Bud Selig Leadership Award.

What, are they already giving the First Annual Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence to somebody else?

Well, congratulations, Bud Selig. After so many years of being beloved and respected, you’ve finally won an award they made up and named after you. The award they’ve never given to somebody else. PRESTIGIOUS! I know for sure he’ll cherish this award until he dies.

(Spoiler alert, he dies of Bud Selig’s Disease.)

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