Pro-Tip: If You Are An MMA Fighter, Don't Give People Free Punches To Your Face

Pro Wrestling Editor
10.30.12 4 Comments

I had a great joke ready to go, but Bob’s Blitz beat me to it:

You had no idea that King Hippo was a real, live, MMA fighter, now did you?

It’s glorious. Just like the character from Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!, a fat, bald guy in gym shorts and gloves takes a few shots to the head from his opponent and feels no pain. So he starts raising his arms and opening his mouth, opening himself up for a free shot. That leaves him open, and he goes down to one well-placed punch. The only thing missing is the Hippo 8-bit blip scream and Great Tiger waiting in the wings. He should show up to his next fight with an X patch over his navel.

For an hilarious added bonus, wait until the 0:46 mark when some random guy comes flipping into the ring from the sky for no reason. I wish MMA was always this weird.

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