09.17.07 11 years ago 9 Comments

Every week several NFL teams really step down their level of play in the quest to be crowned Suck-Off champions.  Week 2 was no exception, as the Giants continued their descent from mediocre to crappy, the Vikings allowed a concussed Jon Kitna to beat them (note: Lions 2-0?), and the Seahawks fumbled away a victory

The Saints get an honorable mention for failing to show up for the second straight week.  Given ten days to prepare for the sorry Buccaneers, they made Jeff Garcia and Joey Galloway (combined age: 72) look like Tom Brady and Randy Moss in a 31-14 spanking.  What the hell?  Do they need another hurricane to motivate them?

But as I single out sucky performances, no one came close to the Cincinnati Bengals "defense."  By now you've seen the 20 minutes of highlights from the 51-45 game of Madden — from Chad Johnson's beer-dousing to the Browns' endless string of long touchdowns — and, with all due respect to Derek Anderson, he was second-string last week to a guy who's third-string this week.  He makes Byron Leftwich look elusive.  But since the Bengals took the day off from pressuring the quarterback and tackling, he threw for five touchdowns and, like, 700 yards.

Eh, whatever.  I guess Cleveland fans deserve it.  Ya queers. 

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