More Like March Nadness, Am I Right?

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03.18.11 3 Comments

If you’re like me, you commonly make out with two girls at the same time and you were also able to watch the NCAA Tournament’s early games on your office’s 70-inch LED TV while your coworkers shook their ham fists in rage. But many people didn’t have the luxury of skipping work or class to watch games yesterday or today, and thankfully there are still American businesses that care about the common man. Like Iowa Clinic in Des Moines, for instance, offering men discounted vasectomies this week so they could recover at home yesterday and today while watching the Tourney in peace.

The clinic’s Dr. Mark Kellerman says that the idea, while a common scheme across the country, is a great way for older men to be responsible and enjoy one of their favorite four-day sports weekends of the year. And it’s also when women finish the job they started 20 years earlier.

“A lot of times some of the discussion with patients is a bit tongue-in-cheek,” he said. “Guys come in and say it wasn’t their idea, but the wife says ‘Go.’ If they can get something out of it by being able to watch TV, that’s great.” (Via Des Moines Register)

Haha, yeah that’s awesome, women be demandin’, right guys? “Honey, if you go get your reproductive system destroyed then we can still never have sex but at least you can watch the games at home. Until I make you change the channel.” I don’t know, I’ve never been married, but I feel like I’m pretty close.

In related news, someone should make Travis Henry watch college basketball.

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