Morgan Freeman Is Out Here Grabbing College Hoops Players By The Shorts

Morgan Freeman is a big Ole Miss fan. He grew up in Greenwood, which is about 90 minutes from the Oxford campus. You know how Ashley Judd is at all the Kentucky basketball games? Same thing, only Ole Miss has the guy from Shawshank Redemption and the voice of god on their sideline. Advantage: Ole Miss.

But Freeman took the advantage too far. During Ole Miss’ 88-61 trouncing of Mississippi State on Wednesday, Freeman was caught red-handed pulling on the shorts of a Bulldogs player. Get busy cheating or get busy losing. That’s god damn right.

You could say that Freeman was … playing God with this game.

You could say that Mississippi State fans were … seeing Red.

We’re lucky this incident didn’t have a … Deep Impact on the outcome.

Pulling the shorts didn’t have a … Chain Reaction.

This didn’t cause Ole Miss to lose by … Se7en.

Could this be something that was on Freeman’s … The Bucket List?

If this does become a legal matter or if the Mississippi State demands that Freeman not be allowed to sit courtside at future games, he could always throw the authorities off the trail by claiming that wasn’t him who pulled the shorts — it was actually Bill Russell.

(MSU Men’s Basketball on Twitter)