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05.10.11 2 Comments

These are the Lakers, right?


What’s Next For The Los Angeles Lakers? – This article is written from a serious point-of-view, so I’m gonna go ahead and say “Kardashians, break-ups with Kardashians, millions of dollars and nearly zero sense of failure or disappointment.” Yeah, that seems about right. Oh, and Kobe Bryan is going to start calling himself “Copperhead.” [Smoking Section]

Awkward Photo Steals Thunder From Dingus Willing To Pay Thousands To Lunch With PK – Any time somebody can successfully and contextually photoshop someone into Charlie Brown missing a punt, I’m putting their link here. Yep, canceling sports and starting a Peanuts blog. SLIDESHOW! The 86 Best Times Sally Had Hearts Around Her Head! [KSK]

Not Sports

8 Troma Films That Deserve a Remake More Than the Toxic Avenger – This list failed to include “Fat Guy Goes Nutzoid” and is therefore invalid. I’d also like to see a big budget remake of “Cannibal: The Musical” with big studio control, if only to see which of our Hollywood leading men can secretly sing (spoiler: all of them) [Topless Robot]

Animals With Stuffed Animals Of Themselves – If you’re only clicking one thing today, this is probably the thing to click. I’m not above shamelessly morphing into a Cute Overload commenter. IT IS FEH KYOOTZ~!! Ouch, I think I hurt my appendix doing that. Anyway, my Buzzfeed reaction to this is both “CUTE” and “OMG.” [Buzzfeed]

Game of Thrones: Just the Badass Parts – If I was making this it’d just be Peter Dinklage smacking the sh** out of that Let Me In-ass looking kid. Also, the blonde lady who keeps making me think she’s Robin Tunney, because I’m 200 years old. I wonder if Timothy Olyphant reads Warming Glow and is all, “aw, don’t stop talking about me, guys!” [Warming Glow]

This Week in Posters: 30 Minutes or Less, Paul Blart: Zookeeper – Are you serious? Is someone seriously letting Paul Blart keep a zoo? I hope they signed a deal for like eight more Paul Blart occupational mishap comedies, like Paul Blart: Medical Assistant and Paul Blart: Artsy Barista. Wait, no I don’t, I hope they put a bag over Kevin James’ head and tossed him in the river. [Film Drunk]

Meme Watch: Osama Bin Laden Watching TV – I tried to participate in this, but all Osama watched was baseball and pro wrestling. Are we still happy about this guy being dead, or is that old now? [Uproxx]

Old People On The Internet – Not included: the guy who argued with me for forty minutes at Circuit City about how he was only gonna buy a computer that used DOS. Also not pictured: nearly everyone in my family. I get all excited to see my Uncle on Facebook, then realize he’s only on to play Farmville and is my Aunt in disguise. [EgoTV]

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