Morning Links: Bruins Fans Show Support by Dying Black Bears Black

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06.07.11 4 Comments

Fun fact: If you ask the average sports fan who he thinks will win the Stanley Cup, he will answer “LeBron James.”


Canucks Try to Explain 8-1 Game 3 Embarrassment – Canucks player Carlos Zambrano added “we stinks.” There are a lot of great parallels between the NHL and NBA finals, such as the Heat/Bruins being unstoppable and Dirk/the Canucks refusing to do anything but set those terrible picks over and over. [Puck Daddy]

Tim Thomas Toe-Pick Followed By Some Redemption – This is the easiest way to humanize a player, by watching him mess up and fall on his ass, then absolutely truck somebody. Hockey is pretty cool, and more people on the Internet should watch it. [Yardbarker]

Shaq Calls Dwight Howard Beef “All Marketing” – Dwight Howard’s beef has a cartoon mascot on the front wearing an apron, holding up his hand and saying “I hate Shaq!” in a little word balloon. So yeah, mostly marketing. I will have been with Shaq if he shows up to wrestle at Wrestlemania next year. [Deadspin]

The Dugout: We Stinks – In case you missed it yesterday, the “Carlos Zambrano is fed up with his team, even though he’s a big part of it” Dugout. Come for the obscure references, stay for a horrifying 65 x 85 player photo of Mike Quade. [The Dugout]

Not Sports

Note: Kristen Stewart has the greatest ears of all time, so I’m using this scene from Adventureland as my “lovely lady of the day/bottom of the Morning Links image”. Also, Adventureland was awesome.

Scene Breakdown: 1st Trailer for Twilight: Breaking Dawn – My new dream job is to be that heavyset lady with the Fraggle Rock bad guy face who films herself getting bent the hell out of shape about Twilight videos and comments on the Internet. That lady’s like, a hundred thousand-aire at least. [Film Drunk]

Warming Glow Interview: Rob Riggle – I had a chance to talk to Riggle, too, but I passed it up. Ufford did a much, much better job, talking to Riggle about being in the armed forces, whereas my only real questions were “Why are you so terrible in things” and “Why do you get so many things? You’re like Chris Wylde.” [Warming Glow]

The Awesome Movie and Game Posters of Ron Guyatt – I would give anything to see a Portal movie with that poster and tagline. I’d give even more if they’d put me in charge of it. [Gamma Squad]

Priceless Reactions To Boobs On Chatroulette – What happens when guys see boobs on a chat server only used by guys who’ve never seen boobs? Hilarity! Also, a lingering sadness. [Buzzfeed]

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