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05.09.11 6 Comments

I tried typing “Kate Upton Is On Us,” but my fingers broke. She’s figured out a way to get us talking about her every day, without ever really doing anything. I’d rather write about that pressurized glass than, say, Jeter. And so yeah, I guess as long as you’re in Sports Illustrated a couple of times you qualify as “sports,” so I can confidently cover things like Ms. Upton, Beyonce, or the Chicago White Sox.


Kate Upton is Good at Twitter – Well, she is. WWTDD has a gallery of examples, and they’re all almost as great as the one up there. This is way better than our “Paula Poundstone is Good At Twitter” slideshow, which was just pictures of neckties and a 50-year old comedienne who looks like The Mask. [WWTDD]

10 Tips From Sugar Shane Mosley About Getting Ready For A Fight – It’s an interesting list, if not a little obvious. Exercise! Get sleep! Practice punching! I’m guessing tip #11 is “wear a helmet the next time you fight Manny Pacquiao.” [Smoking Jacket]

PoV: Nike Basketball “Epic” x LeBron 8 P.S. – I’m not sure what those words mean, but this is some pretty cool Nike promotional material featuring Kobe Bryant, someone you won’t be seeing again until next season! Also, reminding you guys for the 40,000th time, you can’t give yourself a nickname, and Black Mamba is a lady. [Smoking Section]

The Animated GIFs Of April, Here To Remind Us That Sports Are Silly – Because it’s nice to have a thematically appropriate gifs post open in another tab that you can switch to quickly should your wife or co-workers catch you reading Ufford’s Alison Brie retrospective. [SBN]

Not Sports

Alison Brie Running: Animated GIFs – …aaand in case you’re single and jobless, here’s a link to a bunch of bouncing from last week’s paintball episode of “Community.” Hopefully Annie will stop being on TV and start playing baseball so I can write about her over here. [Warming Glow]

25 Awesome Comic Book Cosplay Teams and Team-Ups – Me and my girlfriend are dressing up as Longshot and Dazzler this Halloween, thanks to her picking the costumes last year and me ending up as the Peculiar Purple Pieman of Porcupine Peak in a Strawberry Shortcake thing. That’s me on the right. The costume was f**king awesome, sure, but Destiny is dating a dork and this October we are headed for the Mojoverse. [Gamma Squad]

Who Are The Nerdiest Metal Musicians? – I think this article is a trap, where the first metal musician who reads the UGO network and tells somebody about it is declared the biggest nerd. I think Corpsegrinder wins just for being Nathan Explosion in real life. [UGO]

Cee Lo Green Records “Thank You” For Firefighters – Cee Lo Green has one song and he’s going to be changing the words to it for the rest of his life. [Urban Daily]

This Summer in Codpieces & Crotch Bulges: Name That Crotch! The Sexy Summer Movie Codpiece Quiz – Hold on, I need to finish typing the title. [Film Drunk]

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