Morning Links: More Like the Sin Smythe Award, Am I Right

06.14.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

The Stanley Cup Finals are going to game 7. Of course, there’s not a LeBron to be found in the NHL, not even Aaron Rome (although retroactively Eric Lindros came pretty close), so it’s hard to get things like Twitter excited about it. One thing is for sure: win or lose, Tim Thomas deserves the Conn Smythe Trophy. For those of you who don’t follow hockey, each year the Conn Smythe is awarded to the league’s most handsome goaltender.


Bruins Force Game 7 – If you aren’t following this, you should be, because the Bruins didn’t just decide to give up circa game 4 or 5 and call it a season. Scroll down and read all the hockey coverage, until you can’t handle it anymore and all the jokes about basketball and the Heat start being fresh and funny again. [Yardbarker]

Who Wants to Watch Chris Bosh Cry While Heading into the Locker Room? – I do, I do! But it’s always sad to see such a kind-hearted forest creature cry. [BroBible]

We Are Allowed To Hate The Miami Heat – In case you missed it yesterday, check out Mayor Burnsy’s manifesto about why it’s okay to get all bent-out-of-shape-happy about what happened in the basketballs. My version of this would just be the words CLEVELAND in big letters. [With Leather]

That Ken Burns Crap – Jason Fry does Ken Burns, and baseball is still happening whether you like it or not. Sports blogs are always better when they include the phrase “in my younger years”. [Faith and Fear]

Not Sports

The Best of The Venture Bros. Cosplay – I remember going to the Detroit City Motor-Con (or whatever the hell it was called) a few years ago and having more people react to my Henchman 24 t-shirt club shirt than most of the costumes. This gallery will give you a great idea why. We’re gonna recreate parts of this gallery on CNN later as “The Best of Jackie O Cosplay”. [Gamma Squad]

Every Zach Galifianakis Clip From Tim & Eric – Hoo … bastank. One of my favorite memories was going to a Washington Nationals game and running into Zach freaking Galifianakis. For those of you who are all ONE TRICK PONY ONLY GOT ONE SCHTICK BLURGHH, watch these videos and laugh the weirder parts of your ass off. [Adult Swim]

Meme Watch: The Best Of Hipster Edits – Like any Austin Texas resident I sure do hate the word “hipster”, but these get funnier and funnier as they go. Hipsters don’t edit things, they put birds on things and call it art. [Uproxx]

Bad Medicine: The Most Incompetent TV Doctors – You know the state of TV doctors is bad when Dr. Nick Riviera comes in at number ten. Every TV doctor is bad, because they have to spend the first 40 minutes being wrong to be “right” at the end and create exciting television. Sort of like those Law and Order episodes where they build and build and build and then the person’s all OH BY THE WAY I DID IT AND AM GUILTY as they’re fading to the credits. [UGO]

edit: Also, I still can’t believe that character’s name was seriously “Christian Shephard”.

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