Let These Predators Fans Show You How To Sneak Dead Catfish Into A Game

In a league full of strange traditions, the tendency of NHL fans to throw dead sea creatures on the ice before and during games has to be the weirdest. Detroit Red Wings fans take pride in throwing octopi while Nashville Predators fans choose catfish as their animal of choice.

One of the most common (of many) questions regarding this practice is how the hell fans manage to sneak the stinky corpses past security and into games. Do you stuff it in your pants? In your socks? Why would you even want to do that to yourself? Does this really mean that much to you?

Well, a few Predators fans did their best to answer (some of) those questions by documenting the process of smuggling three catfish into Bridgestone arena prior to a recent playoff game against the Anaheim Ducks. The video provides some insight into the strategy involved in keeping some rather large fish a secret.

The three fans who tossed the fish before Game 3 decided to give everyone a sneak peek at how exactly you get 3 catfish, which weighed between 12 and 18 pounds a piece according to Nashville’s WKRN-TV, into the game, and the answer is pretty gross.

Yeah, pretty gross indeed. I don’t know a situation in which I’d be willing to tape a dead sea monster to my body, but upholding the dumb tradition of my hockey hockey team is not on the list.

(Via SI Extra Mustard)