Nate Diaz Had Some Very Naughty Words For Conor McGregor After His UFC On Fox Win

Nate Diaz at UFC on Fox
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If you’ve been watching UFC on FOX: dos Anjos v Cerrone 2 live from Orlando, you probably caught the mental and physical beatdown that Stockton, California, badboy Nate Diaz gave his opponent, Michael Johnson. I mean, he simply dominated him in epic fashion, peppering him with punches for three rounds while taunting him and taking away his speed. But that’s not what was most noteworthy in this fight, one that we expected to be action-packed. Instead, what will soon have everyone talking is what Diaz had to say to Joe Rogan after his win.

Except, if you were watching at home, you didn’t hear what Diaz had to say thanks to the very quick FOX censors. In typical Diaz fashion, the fighter unleashed some serious potty mouth. Only those in attendance were lucky enough to hear what Diaz had to say, and whom he was saying it about, but fortunately some UFC fans brought the uncensored version to Twitter. It turns out that Diaz doesn’t want to screw around with any other fighters like Johnson. He just wants UFC Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor, who has been teasing us with the idea that he’d move up to Lightweight to fight the winner of Saturday’s main event between the champ Rafael dos Anjos and Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone.

And when Diaz wants something, he doesn’t hold back. Prepare your virgin ears for Stockton’s finest trash talk.

In case that vanishes…

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