Nate Diaz Goes Off On ‘F**ker’ Dana White For ‘Making S**t Up’

Relations between the UFC and lightweight fighter Nate Diaz are at an all time low, a somewhat surprising state of affairs considering Nate was just involved in the two biggest pay-per-view events the UFC has ever held. His back to back fights with Conor McGregor sold 1.6 and 1.65 million PPVs in 2016, but since then the popular Diaz brother hasn’t stepped back into the cage.

According to UFC president Dana White, that’s because Nate won’t accept a fight. In a recent interview, Dana claimed “We keep offering Nate fights and he keeps turning them down. Nick too.”

According to Twitter, Nate isn’t too impressed with White’s explanation.

That fight offer Nate mentions was back in February, which Diaz laughed off via Twitter.

But the way Dana White is talking, it sounds like Diaz has refused multiple fights with the organization. Who is telling the truth? Who knows. We’re just stuck wondering why the UFC can’t seem to sort out their communication issues with the Diaz brothers and get two of their biggest stars back in the Octagon.

Sure, Nick and Nate probably aren’t the easiest to make a deal with, especially now that they know how much they’re worth as draws in the company. But the UFC needs to realize that having stars means paying out star money. Why do they seem so intent on burying the Diaz brothers instead?