Nationals Outfielder Jayson Werth Is Apparently Signing Autographs While In Prison

Some of you may know Jayson Werth for his prodigious beard, his resemblance to Opie from Sons of Anarchy, or his $120 million plus contract. But if you’ve got a “Jayson Werth” google alert running, then you know that the Nationals rightfielder got into some trouble for reckless driving and now he’s serving 5 days in prison that will be spread out across a few weekends, because apparently driving recklessly earns you a Breakfast Club sentence.

While in prison, I’m sure that Werth is trying to keep a low profile, but this isn’t the kind of guy that blends in to a crowd (or gen-pop) so it’s not surprising that Werth apparently got asked for an autograph while on the inside.

So, is it real? Hardball Times’ did a non-scientific examination of a few Werth autographs on eBay and that led them to conclude that the signature “appears to be legit,” so that’s pretty cool. There’s no word on what something like this would be worth, though my guess is two packs of cigarettes and a snack cup. Also, please notice the shocking lack of an “XOXO” at the end of Werth’s alleged signature — that’s a smart omission in light of the context.

Source: Hardball Times

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