10.22.07 11 years ago 20 Comments

The Chargers canceled practice today because many of the team's players were affected by the wildfires raging through San Diego County.

Reigning NFL MVP LaDainian Tomlinson was among several San Diego Chargers players, coaches and staff members who had to evacuate their homes as wildfires burned in San Diego County… Center Nick Hardwick said players were asked at a team meeting to raise their hands if they were affected, "and at one point, three-quarters of the room raised their hands. I guess a lot of guys live up there. There were some pretty long faces this morning."

Sheesh, why does this stuff always happen in California?  Cali's always got the crazy stuff going on.  Wildfires, earthquakes, killer bees, mountain lion attacks, that scene in Magnolia when it rained bullfrogs. Given the porn industry and all the homosexuals living happily there, I think God is punishing California for all of its sexual perversion.

…And you thought anal sex was fun.  Well, go ahead and sodomize away, but don't come crying when you get attacked by the anti-anal mountain lion.

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