Navy Is Breaking Out Badass Ship-Inspired Helmets With A Different Design For Each Position Group

Thirteen weeks of college football’s regular season are in the books, but there’s still one notable game to be played that isn’t a conference championship or bowl, and it gets a Saturday all to itself: the Army-Navy game.

This weekend, 9-2 Navy will take on 2-9 Army in one of the more lopsided chapters in the rivalry. And while doing so, the Midshipmen will be donning the above incredible helmets. And, making them even more awesome, each position group will have a different ship on their helmets. Here is the breakdown of those:

And the rest of the uniform:

It’s the first instance we can remember of a team not all wearing the same thing, and it’s a genius idea. It’s an obvious reference to the game Battleship (please don’t make us explain this to you), but more importantly, the helmets themselves are gorgeous. Army is screwed.