This Saints Fan With ‘WHO DAT’ Tattooed Across His Forehead Has The Mug Shot Of The Year

Consider the best mugshots that you have seen. What is it that makes these signals of a person’s incarceration so compelling? Is it because the person’s stature in society is so high up that this acts as a sign of a potential downfall? Could it be because of a silly face the person is making? Maybe it’s because the person has their favorite NFL team’s most notable chant prominently tattooed across their forehead?

In this instance, that last thing is what makes this mugshot so spectacular. According to, 29-year-old Michael Edwards of Metairie, La. was arrested for something as insane as you’d expect from someone who has “WHO DAT” – the popular rallying cry for New Orleans Saints fans – inked across their forehead:

An arrest report says Edwards was handcuffed in the front and seated on a bench Monday in the day room of Orleans Parish Parish, during transfer to the Templeman V building. Officials said that’s when he suddenly lunged forward and grabbed a deputy’s testicles. The deputy’s condition was not disclosed.

And six sheriff’s deputies had to come to the aid of two others on Tuesday, records show, when they said Edwards became violent again Tuesday inside a transport van that had brought him to the Municipal Court’s sally port entrance. The report said Edwards was kicking the van’s glass windows and “swinging around a metal stepstool inside the van.”

Seriously, though, get a load of that tattoo. If you’re like me, you haven’t seen too many forehead tattoos in your lifetime, but it’s still hard to imagine that there are many more prominent than this dude’s ink. Add in the fact that it is a tattoo of the Saints’ most well-known cheer and Edwards’ gigantic smile, and this very well could be the best mugshot of 2015.

(Via NOLA)