How The Personalities From ESPN’s ‘NFL Insiders’ Are Trying To Make The Smartest Show In Football

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Martin Rickman

INDIANAPOLIS – Suzy Kolber is always prepared. She looks over her notes, scanning the thick stack of papers in front of her. At times she pauses to write down something that comes to her in a mini yellow legal pad. A few moments later, Adam Schefter takes his seat next to her, and Bill Polian and Louis Riddick sit down, as well. It’s 2:30 on Thursday of the NFL Scouting Combine, and they have a show to do.

Kolber has a binder with enough information in it for about 100 shows. It’s color coded, and divided into sections marking the various events around the league calendar. The chapter for this year’s combine – and the players participating in it – is noticeably thicker than the rest. She’s not the only host who does this, but she’s unabashedly proud of the work she puts in, and of the preparation that goes into this show.

“I’m such a geek,” Kolber says. “This is what I do for every phase of the game. It’s all marked, so every position is here, as well as notes starting way back at the Senior Bowl. This is where it all starts for me. This is kind of the story of my life.”

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Martin Rickman

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