The NFL Is Considering A Rule Change Requiring Players To Stand For The National Anthem

10.10.17 2 years ago 15 Comments

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After protests during the national anthem hit an all-time high two weeks ago, there have been relatively few demonstrations made by players prior to games over the past two weeks. The 49ers, as they have done all season, continue to have players kneeling as they continue to try and push forward the message of former quarterback Colin Kaepernick calling for an end to police brutality and racial inequality.

In general, protests are not nearly as widespread and many have chosen to move on to different forms of calls to action. However, the debate over the protests rages on, with Jerry Jones threatening to bench any players that kneel or protest during the anthem, and vice president Mike Pence’s walk out in Indianapolis this weekend.

The NFL has no idea how to approach the issue and has struggled with it ever since Kaepernick first began kneeling. The league has found itself criticized for a lack of support to those players and a lack of discipline to those players, and they are apparently siding with the latter, per the latest reports.

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