Does The NFL Need New Overtime Rules, Or Are People Just Mad The Patriots Won?

01.21.19 7 months ago 28 Comments

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For the first time in NFL history, Conference Championship Sunday featured two overtime games, as the Rams managed to topple the Saints in New Orleans, and the Patriots beat the Chiefs in Kansas City.

The latter result reignited the argument over the NFL’s overtime rules, which allow for the coin toss to be of vital importance to the outcome of the game. A touchdown by any team ends the game, even if it’s a first possession march by the team that wins the toss. A field goal on the first possession can no longer end the game thanks to a recent rule change, but after that, it becomes sudden death.

On Sunday in Arrowhead, Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes dueled down the stretch in a wildly entertaining fourth quarter that saw the two orchestrating numerous late drives to take the lead and/or tie the game. However, there was a sense that whichever team won the toss was likely to win the game because neither defense had provided much resistance late, and as expected, after the Patriots won the toss, they marched down the field for a touchdown to end the game in rather anti-climactic fashion.

As the inevitable became reality, fans took to social media to complain about the NFL’s overtime rules that prevented us from the drama of Mahomes getting a chance to answer Brady’s drive. Patriots fans are quick to point out this only became a major issue after New England won, insisting its just salty fans that just want to see Brady and the Pats lose. Objectively, they are correct. There is no doubt the overtime rules in the NFL became a hotter topic of discussion because it was the Patriots taking advantage of them and not the Chiefs.

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