The NFL Has Moved Super Bowl Media Day To Primetime

marshawn lynch
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There have been rumors for some time now that the NFL would make Super Bowl Media Day, an event that really no one cares about other than media members, into a primetime televised special.

The NFL is marketing this as “Super Bowl Opening Night” in which participating teams answer questions from media members on Monday night as opposed to the traditional Tuesday morning. Fans desperate enough to buy tickets to this can watch the media ask questions in the SAP Center in San Jose from 5:15 to 6:15 p.m. PT and then again from 7 to 8, meaning whatever TV broadcast  that comes out of this will either not be primetime on the East Coast, or it won’t be live, so it’s yet to be determined how the league will juggle that.

A quote for from NFL Senior Vice President of Events Peter O’Reilly reads:

We are excited to enhance an annual event and provide a unique experience for more fans in both the San Francisco Bay Area and nationwide, while continuing to provide access to the Super Bowl teams for media from around the world….By elevating the event to primetime, fans across the country can experience even more of the excitement of Super Bowl leading up to the game.”

Uh yeah sure, whatever you say Peter.

Fans who buy a ticket are rewarded with gift bags, player and cheerleader appearances, live music, and, I’m not kidding about this: “a radio to tune into the NFL Network coverage and listen to some of the individual player interviews from the podium microphones.”

How thrilling!