Being an NFL replacement ref is easy, right? You just know a lot about football, learn what all the hand gestures mean and speak clearly into a microphone for what, ten seconds at a time?

Meet Don King, a guy who lucked into a scab position and should be BORN to talk, because his name is f**king “Don King”. Don had a little trouble spitting it out during the second quarter of Wednesday night’s Patriots-Giants preseason game, and if the embarrassment of having a stadium full of people boo you for being terrible isn’t enough, he’ll have the televised broadcast full of pro football players laughing at him to make it as bad as possible. Ugh, look at his poor mouth. It looks like an asshole.

Why was he so shaken up, you think? It could be because of this:

Listen to how he says “during”. I don’t want to talk bad about the guy for having a speech impediment, but did you SERIOUSLY put the one guy out there with a speech impediment in charge of talking to the crowd? They’re doing this on purpose, aren’t they? Next week that ref’s going to rip off his mask to reveal Sacha Baron Cohen, isn’t he?

I should’ve caught on when they told me his name was “Don King”. Yeah, right.

[via The Nosebleeds. Head line via Billy Madison.]