We Gave Every NFL Team Its Own Unique Pokemon For Fans To Obsess Over

10.05.16 2 years ago 3 Comments

Uproxx Sports

Pokemon Go may have faded a bit since it took the world by storm several months ago, but the impact it had of bringing the joy of catching ’em all back into public consciousness cannot be overstated. Pokemon may be viewed as a silly kids game by the generations that missed it as kids, but it’s clear by now that Pokemon isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So just for funsies, let’s mash it up with the NFL, since football has returned for the season to take over the world for another year.

This will not be another case of “matching the NFL team with a Pokemon with flimsy reasoning for cheap clicks.” No. We’re not that lazy. This is every team as a newly invented pokemon. Let’s get this pokeball rolling.

New Orleans Saints – Allezgator

Type: Water
Allezgator is a Water Pokemon that is found frequently in swampy marshes. It can be dangerous as it has a very strong bite attack, but its defense is just terrible so it’s pretty easy to take it out. You can tell if one is nearby by its trademark call “Who Dat.”

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