The Most Brutal Thing A One-Armed Man Has Done Since ‘The Fugitive’

Pro Wrestling Editor
08.06.12 8 Comments

Or, “not since Def Leppard’s Hysteria has a guy with one arm kicked this much ass”.

While most of us had our attention focused on UFC on FOX 4 on Saturday night, Nick Newell was stepping into the cage at a minor league event called Xtreme Fighting Championships and scoring a knockout. While such occurrences are not uncommon at the smaller shows that happen every weekend across the United States, what makes this one remarkable is the man earning the KO: Newell’s left arm ends just past the elbow. Newell, a Massachusetts native and former high school wrestler, is now 8-0 as a pro, and the win puts him line for a crack at the XFC lightweight title. (via Cagewriter)

I’ll admit, when I saw the GUY WITH ONE ARM SCORES MMA KNOCKOUT headline I was hoping he KO’d the guy with his short arm, but this is still great and pretty goddamn inspirational. There’s probably a “HE SHOULDN’T BE ALLOWED TO SPRINT BECAUSE HE’S GOT METAL LEGS AND THEY WEIGH LESS THIS IS CHEATING”-style argument against his successes because his opponent can’t reach out and grab an arm, but whatever, if I only had one arm I wouldn’t have the dexterity or stick-to-itiveness to keep blogging, much less step into an octagon and blast a dude to death.

I want to see Nick Newell fight Brock Lesnar at some point. We all know how well Brock handles the differently-abled.

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