Take A Look At Nike’s New NFL ‘Color Rush’ Uniforms

Ever since the NFL mandated the whole “one helmet per season” rule, there has been a very unfortunate lack of alternate and throwback uniforms to switch things up during the regular. Don’t worry, though, the Steelers and Packers managed to salvage their horrendous retro unis!

But this week Nike and the NFL unveiled new ‘Color Rush’ uniforms, which will provide some teams with an alternate look, which is good! Unfortunately, the first few glimpses are not all that promising.

In anticipation of their Thursday Night Football matchup next week, the Bills and Jets became the first teams to reveal their ‘Color Rush’ look and, well, they certainly bring a rush of color. Buffalo will go full red (with a pretty spiffy new red alternate jersey) and the Jets will counter with all green.

Yikes, that’s a lot of green, Jets. The only way it could be more green is if they went this route.

Hopefully the next three pairs (Titans/Jags, Panthers/Cowboys, and Bucs/Rams) will do a little better. If not, Thursday Night Football might become even more unwatchable, if you can believe that’s even possible.