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When baseball’s version of Halley’s Comet is happening in your backyard, you go to see it. Period. And so when Randy Johnson was set to pitch for his 300th win last night against the Nationals — a 40-minute train ride from my apartment — I went. One problem. It rained like a motherf-cker for five whole hours, and only then, after five hours of rain, did The Powers That Be decide to call the game. No 300-game winner for me, which many people were saying could be the last 300-game winner ever. Thanks for wasting five hours of my life, Washington Nationals. Pricks. From Y! Sports:

The weather was ominous from mid-afternoon, when the tarp was placed on the field before batting practice. It was removed during a break in the storms around 8 p.m., but it was soon put back on when weather radar accurately predicted the imminent arrival of another line of lightning, thunder and rain so dense that the Capitol dome was no longer visible from the upper deck.

Still, Kasten consulted with Giants president Larry Baer and announced at 10 p.m.: “We are going to play this game”—in part because of the history at stake. They had to recant less than an hour later.

Also ditching an opportunity to have a 300-game winner on staff: the Atlanta Braves, who cut Tom Glavine last night before their game with the Cubs last night (they lost in 11). Glavine was scheduled to make $1 million upon returning to the active roster from a rehab assignment while on the DL, recovering from shoulder surgery. I guess the Braves felt better calling up Tommy Hanson from AAA Gwinnett, who will be putting on the foil in Glavine’s old spot in the rotation.

In closing, rain blows. But Randy’s gonna pitch tomorrow in the front end of a “traditional doubleheader” starting at 4:35 pm ET today. And then I guess he’ll eat a sandwich or something afterwards, because I’d imagine he burns a lot of calories being so tall.

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