Nothing Says ‘Honda’ Like Big Nog Incorrectly Eating A Pineapple

I think this commercial works best if you go into it blind. It’s like the Cabin In The Woods of commercials. Watch it, experience it, then continue reading.

All good? So yeah, that’s UFC heavyweight Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira in a Brazilian motorcycle ad, and while my Portuguese is a little rusty, I’m going to say the point of it was, “you don’t feel masculine enough, so go buy a Honda, it will make strippers sit on you near a ring of metal and fire”. This is a great ad, because that is exactly what Honda motorcycles do.

It’s all in good fun, but I’ve got to be honest … that scene of Big Nog in nothing but shorts, rubbing lotion on the back of gloves reminded me a little too much of The Silence Of The Lambs. Maybe buying a Honda keeps you from tucking and dancing around to Q Lazzarus?