And Now The Sexiest, Naughtiest, Most Controversial Pics From Olympic Women’s Curling Practice

Guys, this is the moment we’ve been waitin’ for. Go ahead and share this shit.

At long last, With Leather has come across the hottest, most unbelievable, most not-your-mama’s-Olympics pics from Olympic Women’s Curling practice in Sochi. Sochi? More like So Hot! We’ve put them together in one spectacular spank bank that’ll have you on the edge of your seat and BEGGING for more. You’re gonna be begging your computer screen for more curling pictures and your hand won’t be able to move to navigate to other websites or Google and your brain will only be able to process this.

If you dare, check out these blistering hot photos from one of the COOLEST events in the Olympics. And don’t worry, babes … we threw in a pic for you, too!

She thought she was gonna curl. I did too. What happens next will blow your mind.

The censors didn’t catch this. How could they let that happen??

You won’t BELIEVE what she wore

This pic was too hot for our censors. Click HERE for the full version!

Ayumi Ogasawara of Japan shocked Sochi with this revealing scoopneck dress

the sexxxy babes of Denmark have my TOES curling!!

This Curler is our Chive Babe Of The Day

23 Reasons Chinami Yoshida Can Get It

23. This One

22. And this One

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i am literally going to pull down my pants and start masturbating because of these hot pics

Is that a hint of areola I see? Methinks so !

Women’s curling exposed

Does anyone have a GIF of this moment??

Something for the ladies.