06.25.07 11 years ago 72 Comments

With baseball settling into its summer routine and NFL training camp still far — so far — away, the media machine for David Beckham's U.S. arrival is building steam.  And part of that included meeting up with Reggie Bush for a new Adidas campaign called "Futbol Vs. Football" — because the discussion between football-loving Americans and futbol-loving everyone else is never irritatingly circular, predictable, and boring.

During Beckham and Bush’s meeting in Madrid, Beckham strapped on a Saints helmet and uniform with his signature number 23 and performed running drills, ran pass routes with Bush defending him and kicked long-range field goals and punts. Bush, meanwhile, laced up his soccer boots and shin pads and defended short-range penalty kicks from Beckham playing goal keeper. Although each athlete looked momentarily uncomfortable in their new sports, they were able to quickly grasp the nuances, such as Beckham spiking the football after a touchdown catch and Bush playing a spirited game of keepy uppy with his knees and feet. Later, the two athletes exchanged jerseys and discussed what Beckham should expect after arriving in the U.S., from fan reaction to media attention.

Finally American football fans will be convinced of how awesome soccer is.  Once they see a bleached-blonde pretty boy donning shoulder pads and awkwardly playing football, they'll fall in love with MLS.  Man, is there anything those ad wizards can't do?

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