OH NOS! Fireman Ed Is Angry!

04.08.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

Ed Anzalone, better known as loudmouth New York Jets superfan Fireman Ed, isn’t taking too kindly to the idea that Jason Taylor is reportedly interested in joining the New York Jets, despite the fact that Taylor has frequently expressed his dislike for Jets fans during two stints with the Miami Dolphins. For some reason, the New York Daily News provided the blowhard a forum in which he could ham-fistedly express his displeasure.

“It’s hilarious,” Fireman Ed said. “Let’s be real. This guy hates the Jets. He hates Jets fans more than anything. Put it this way: For him to even try to come here, it has to be two things: Nobody is bothering with him or he wants to win a championship. He wants to hop on board.”

Anzalone said he was on the receiving end of a profanity-laced tirade by Taylor a few years ago, moments after a Dolphins win at the Meadowlands. Taylor, who has referenced Fireman Ed in some of his Jets-related insults, saw him in the stands and let loose.

“That idiot came running over, looking for me, cursing, saying he wants to kick my (butt),” Anzalone said. “I looked at him and said, ‘You see all these kids around here?’ He was acting like a lunatic, acting like a (bleep). Just stupid.” -New York Daily News.

Well, if Jason Taylor once offended Fireman Ed in a meaningless back-and-forth several years ago, I cannot see how the Jets would dare offend some guy who wears a firefighter’s hat to games. That’s commitment to the cause, friends.

If someone were to ask me (which they never do), I think the Daily News is on to something here. The screaming voice of NFL superfans needs to be heard. I would suggest that a Superfan Summit be held annually, where one rabid representative from each fanbase would meet and participate in a roundtable discussion regarding the pressing issues facing the overzealous, maniacal superfan who take their affiliation with the organization far too seriously. There would be Fireman Ed, Crazy Ray from the Dallas Cowboys and even Barrel Man of Denver Broncos fame could be there.

Oh, you say Barrel Man is dead, huh? Well, forget it, then. It was a crazy idea anyway.

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