Ohio State Student Paper: Fire Tressel

03.11.11 8 years ago 3 Comments

It’s one thing for one of the most straight-laced head coaches in all of American sport, but quite another to be called out by your own student newspaper. That’s what happened to Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel earlier this week when The Lantern, Ohio State’s student-run newspaper, published an editorial calling for The Senator’s head.

When Regular Joe with a normal job breaches his contract, he gets the boot.
So should The Vest.[..]

Doing the right thing? Surely a deeply religious man with a newly released book titled “Life Promises for Success: Promises from God on Achieving Your Best” knows the difference between right and wrong. Or does he?

–The Lantern, via Dr. Saturday.

Well good job, whatever guy who wrote this. You’ll catch a lot of links with this bait. One problem with that logic, though: “Regular Joe” didn’t win six Big Ten titles. Or a BCS national championship. OR DID HE?

There’s a reason that he’s the highest-paid public employee in Ohio, and it’s not because he knows how to type. And really, all he did was just “forget” about a few emails. I do that every day. It’s not like he’s been stewarding some slave outpost, oppressing the nation’s youth…wait.

Img via the late, great Tressel’s World.

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