Oklahoma Received One Of The Weakest Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalties You’ll Ever See


Celebrations are always a controversial subject in all levels of football. Most people are fine with people having fun after they score a touchdown or pull off a big play, but those who believe it’s a poor display of sportsmanship believe that celebrating things have no place in the sport.

Of course, there’s a big difference between, say, Terrell Owens running to the midfield star when he played against the Dallas Cowboys and two players doing a handshake they have with one another after someone gets six. For my money, both are extremely good, but basically everyone can admit there’s a difference between one and the other.

“Basically everyone” does not include the Big 12 refs assigned to Saturday’s game between Oklahoma and TCU. Sooners receiver CeeDee Lamb caught a touchdown pass from Kyler Murray, and following the score, Lamb did a handshake he has with fellow receiver Marquise Brown. The refs decided that since it was a choreographed handshake, it warranted a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

This is really, really dumb, because if this is choreographed, then every celebratory handshake between teammates deserves a 15-yard penalty. Of course, because there is no justice in this rapidly warming, soon-to-be barren hellscape we call a world, the Sooners had to kickoff from their 20 instead of their 35, and dangerous Horned Frogs return man KaVontae Turpin took it to the house.

Oklahoma scored on its next drive, and no unsportsmanlike conduct penalty was called following their reservation for six.