Ole Miss Guard Marshall Henderson Is Sickened By Michael Sam, Hashtags About It

In case you missed it, University of Missouri defensive end Michael Sam was drafted by the St. Louis Rams. He’s a gay man. He was happy when he was drafted, so he kissed his boyfriend. The world didn’t explode, but a lot of people are making a lot of really iffy tweets that’ll come back to haunt them on job interviews 10 years from now.

Among them is Ole Miss guard Marshall Henderson. He’ll be boycotting ESPN now because they showed two people in a relationship having mild PDA in celebration of a major life event. He’s also not afraid to hashtag about it.

I can see his point. He wants scores and cold info reports, not these human interest pieces and portrayals of players as three-dimensional people that have made up 90% of ESPN’s programming for the past decade! I feel really bad that Henderson won’t be able to know which plays were web gems now :(

People started unfairly jumping on this guy’s back for simply saying what he believes in a totally unnecessary and hateful manner, so instead of just letting his statement stand, Henderson jumped back on a few minutes ago to double down on the homophobia.

Here are three things that will happen over the next 24 hours:

1. The tweets will be deleted.
2. Claims that Henderson was hacked, or that he’s not a homophobe and would NEVER tweet something like that to be hurtful, some of his best friends kiss their boyfriends, etc.
3. Totally sincere apologies.

Things that will happen to Michael Sam today:

1. a happy relationship
2. a future

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Via @teachmrgupta, because Internet Justice is swift.