Olympic Dog Costumes? Sure, Why Not

It’s hard to say that living the dream is dead when women like Donna Condliffe are out there dreaming big. Condliffe, according to the Daily Mail, recently quit her job with a fancy financial institution to start her own business. That business? Designing high-end clothing for dogs to help our favorite pets celebrate the 2012 Summer Olympics.

‘The inspiration for the Olympic dog clothes came as there is a real buzz starting as we count down to the London 2012 games and I felt what better way to involve our pets, in what will be a fantastic spectacle for the whole of Great Britain.

‘It will be great to see the whole country wearing red, white and blue and really getting behind the athletes, and how good that we can include our pets, who are, after all, a big part of our family!’

‘I wanted to start a business on a subject I am passionate about, I am animal mad and have 2 rescue dogs myself so it was an easy decision.

Man, where was this lady when the Ukraine was dealing with all those stray dogs and pee-soaked mattresses before the Euro 2012 tournament? She could have dressed all the strays up like adorable Russian priests while someone built the Saint Sophia Cathedral out of mattresses. Man, that would’ve been adorable.

Unfortunately for us Yanks, Condliffe is only offering Union Jack pooch clothes for British dogs to celebrate their favorite athletes. So I strongly suggest that American Olympics fans create their own costumes to help their dogs celebrate their favorite American athletes. For instance, I already put a wifebeater on my pitbull and smeared motor oil and mayonnaise on it, because hooray for Abby Wambach!