Olympic Freeskier Gus Kenworthy Is Single-Handedly Solving Sochi’s Stray Dog Problem

United States Olympic freeskier Gus Kenworthy doesn’t make his Sochi debut until tomorrow in the ski slopestyle competition, but he’s already the Team USA leader for Tweeting the best photos that will make sure he’s the favorite of every woman back at home. Amid all of the talk about Sochi’s stray dog problem and how the city’s solution was to just start gassing them, Kenworthy scooped up a couple of stray puppies yesterday and posed for the above photo. This guy could lose everything tomorrow and be forced to live on the streets, but as long as he carries this picture with him, he’ll be able to stay at a different woman’s home every night.

Actually, the above image was the second adorable picture that Kenworthy Tweeted, with the first one being a lot more unfair to the rest of us guys.

This guy could wipe out the second his skis touch snow, and it wouldn’t matter because he already laid down a gold medal foundation to being the biggest individual star of the 2014 Winter Games. I’d definitely rank him above Ashley Wagner’s “That’s bullshit” face in terms of the most important things that American athletes are doing that don’t involve kicking other countries’ athletes’ asses.