Orlando Magic Cheerleader Falls, Gets Wrapped In Plastic By Nerdy ABC News Troll

You may have seen a clip floating around of an Orlando Magic cheerleader going up for a stunt and accidentally powerbombing herself to the floor of the Amway Arena. If you haven’t, it goes a little something like this:

That in itself is enough for a post on a comedy sports blog (especially if I just type “here’s an cheerleader falling on it’s head RT if you agree” at the top and publish it for massive, Busted Coverage-style traffic), but the reason I’m sharing it now is because of the esoteric, epic troll executed by the person at ABC News put in charge of the “injured cheerleaders” timeline graphic.

It covers a few important talking points — that over 37,000 cheerleaders went to the emergency room in 2011, and how cheerleading ranks #2 behind football on the list of most injury-prone sports — and right there at the beginning is a photo of another famous cheerleader who took a tumble: Laura Palmer, the Twin Peaks, Washington, cheerleader and homecoming queen who was found dead and wrapped in plastic in a river back in 1990. You know, on the TV show ‘Twin Peaks’.

Here’s the original video, in case you think I just got Burnsy to photoshop her in there as a viral promotion for the next Sports On TV column:

I don’t want to say more than I should, but hey Orlando, you should probably keep BOB out of your basketball games. And ABC News? Don’t google “dead cheerleader” and use what you find without checking to see if she’s real.

[h/t to Max Robinson]