03.16.10 8 years ago 18 Comments

Washington Capitals superstar Alexander Ovechkin, AKA The Only Reason To Give The NHL Time Of Day, was suspended two games for this obviously-illegal-but-not-really-that-illegal hit against Chicago’s Billy Campbell. Brian Campbell. Whatever the hell his name is. Anyway, responses to Ovi being seated for the next two games has brought out a variety of reactions. But seriously, Campbell appears to be halfway down to the ice when he got hit. Probably because of menstrual cramping.

I’m torn; I don’t like seeing people get hit in the back that close to the boards, but the hit doesn’t look that bad. The biggest problem I have with the NHL is that they don’t seem to enforce the rules consistently, and one has to wonder whether a third-line guy with fewer eyeballs on him would have received such harsh retribution. Either way, Brian Campbell sucks. Video of the hit is after the jump.

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