This Carolina Panthers Fan Fell From The Stands Trying To High-Five Luke Kuechly

Oh my gosh, this guy took a spill. During the fourth quarter of the Carolina Panthers’ beatdown of the Arizona Cardinals during Sunday night’s NFC Championship game, Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly got himself a pick-six off of Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer. The score gave the Panthers a 34-point lead over the Cardinals and, as Kuechly was celebrating with fans in the end zone, one of the Panthers fans was so excited that he fell from the stands during his attempt to give Kuechly a high-five.

Let’s hope this guy is okay — he went down quickly and it did not look like he landed softly. Here’s footage of the tumble in slow motion:

I feel like this is the perfect representation of how amped up the entire Panthers’ fan base is right now. Who would blame them? They’ll face the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50 in two weeks — it’s the franchise’s first trip to the Super Bowl since the 2004 Super Bowl in Houston. Between this fan falling from the stands and this other Panthers fan making this hilarious fan rap about his beloved Carolina team, these Panthers fans just might be the new favorites in the NFL.