An Off-Duty Cop Was Patrick Kane’s Driver On The Night Of The Alleged Rape In Buffalo

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The Buffalo News is reporting that an off-duty police officer named Lt. Thomas English was with Patrick Kane, and his accuser, on the night and into the early morning that the alleged rape took place, driving them to Kane’s home after they left a bar in Buffalo.

English and Kane reportedly had a long-standing relationship prior to that night as well, with English working as Kane’s personal driver on his off-time as a cop. There were also alleged pictures on English’s Facebook page of him posing with Kane and the Stanley Cup back in 2010.

While it’s an intriguing development in the case, it’s important to note that this doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

The lieutenant acknowledged that he has no way of knowing what happened between Kane and the alleged victim inside the house. Since the allegation was made, he said, he has had no contact with Kane or his family.

Law enforcement officials are conducting an investigation to determine whether or not English was with Kane at any time he was supposed to be on duty. He told investigators he was not with Kane when the alleged rape took place, but that he was with him, and the alleged victim, at SkyBar earlier in the night before driving them – along with one other woman – back to Kane’s home.

At this point no charges against Kane or English have been filed, but an investigation is ongoing. The NHL is also holding an investigation into the events of August 2nd. Kane signed an eight-year, $84 million deal with Chicago last offseason.

(Via: The Buffalo News)

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