Paul Bissonnette’s Yoga Teacher Seems Nice

For the first time in who’s even counting anymore, the NHL and NHLPA met to discuss a new collective bargaining agreement, and they were so serious about it that they met two whole times. And today they’re actually going to meet for a third time, so you know that they might be really serious about finding a happy medium on revenue sharing and pensions, and ending this ridiculous lockout once and for all. But since I don’t really know a lot about all the legal whatchamacallits and thingamajigs, let’s talk about Paul Bissonnette and his yoga instructor instead.

One of the biggest things that has been pissing me off about this whole stupid lockout was that I was supposed to be able to interview the 27-year enforcer, who has become quite the entertaining and controversial personality on Twitter, at the beginning of the season. Obviously, that didn’t happen (yet), but I would have probably asked him a starter question like, “So hockey, that’s pretty cool, right?” and before he could even answer I would scream, “WHO IS THAT WOMAN?”

We’d be best bros after that.

UPDATE: I’m late to the party, but she’s Amy Lynn Grover. She offers a yoga for athletes program, as well as great healthy recipes. That’s why I’m viewing her website.