Paul Wall’s Manager Really Did Make The Astros Custom World Series Grillz

Paul Wall wasn’t kidding when he said he’d buy the Houston Astros custom grillz if his hometown team won the World Series. Wall’s manager Johnny Dang is already showing off some of his work on his website, and TV cameras got an early glimpse at what the Astros will get from Dang.

If you’re lost here, the Houston-based rapper famously promised the Astros that if they beat the Los Angeles Dodgers he would spring for a custom pair of gold grillz. Grillz are kind of his thing, as he also promised gold-medal winning athletes in Rio grills as well. But the Astros did pull it off in seven games, and Houston players were very excited about the prospect of the grillz.

ABC 13 in Houston had video of some of the custom grills, which are pretty straightforward if you can say something like that about precious metals designed to be worn over your teeth.

The station’s report claims about 40 players and even coaches will get the grillz. I didn’t realize until I started writing this that grillz are kind of unsettling. Maybe it’s a middle school existence full of braces that’s getting to me, but I think I’m past the point where I want metal covering my teeth. Even if it’s a valuable metal.

The good news is I am not very good at baseball. So I won’t have to worry about proper grill care, or where you store them when you eat. Or if I’d be able to play wearing grills or if it’s an egregious safety hazard. Crisis averted.

Anyway, let’s celebrate the fact that we’re still able to talk about Paul Wall in the year 2017.