Pedro Alvarez Launched A Dinger Out Of PNC Park And Straight Into A Boat On The Allegheny River

05.20.15 4 years ago

Pedro Alvarez launched a monstrous home run completely out of PNC Park on Tuesday night and showed us all what the baseball equivalent of “hole-in-one” looks like in the process.

During his fourth inning at-bat against Minnesota starter Ricky Nolasco, Alvarez joined a very short list of players who have accomplished the incredible feat of hitting a baseball hard enough to reach the Allegheny River just outside the waterfront stadium in Pittsburgh. The river sits nearly 450 feet from home plate at PNC, and Alvarez’s homer got there on the fly…but it never actually hit the water.

Instead, the ball managed to stick its landing inside a small (and, presumably, vacant) boat tied up along shore beyond the right field wall. The improbability of the touchdown made Alvarez’s homer that much more awesome, and a nearby pedestrian was impressed enough to climb his way onto the boat to snag the souvenir.

I’m pretty sure that’s called trespassing but I’m no snitch and, honestly, I probably would have done the same thing. Finder’s keepers.


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