Penn State Tries To Redeem Itself With The Epic ‘PSU Grandma Tries A Beer Bong’

The only context provided for the clip is in its YouTube description, although I would’ve accepted “this isn’t real life, it’s from an Adam Sandler movie.”

A 75 year old grandmother tailgating at the penn state Perdue game decided to try a beer bong

We haven’t had a lot of opportunities to speak positively of Penn State recently, so it’s nice to be able to share a clip of an elderly lady getting wasted at a tailgate in the definitive bro fashion while a bunch of bros stand around her (in Chive t-shirts, no less) going WHOAAAUUUGH WHOOOOAAAAAUUUGHHHHHH.

Besides, who is safer at Penn State than an old woman?

Up next: “PSU Grandma Tries A Keg Stand,” followed by “Help, PSU Grandma Has Fallen And She Can’t Get Up.”