People Are Still Throwing Explosives At Soccer Players

Pro Wrestling Editor
11.15.12 6 Comments

I’m not going to call them “grenades” anymore because people on the Internet know way too much about the semantics of what is and isn’t a grenade (“grenades have shrapnel!”), but this is the third story in two months we’ve written about soccer fans indiscriminately tossing explosives at soccer players, and I’ve got to ask … why is this a thing? Seriously, why are you trying to bomb the soccer guys?

The first story happened in Iran, where a player almost lost a hand disposing of what he thought was tossed garbage. A month later, a player gets injured during a Cypriot soccer match and fans throw firecrackers at him to “teach him a lesson” about not taunting them. Now, a first-division soccer match in Argentina gets suspended because somebody threw a bomb at a goalkeeper and nearly exploded his eardrums.

Again, why is this a thing? I guess “insanity” is a viable excuse, or maybe a surplus of bombs and nobody around but soccer players to murder, but can’t we find a way to riot about soccer without bombs and walls of flame? Jesus Christ, soccer, come on.

[h/t to Larry Brown Sports]

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