Percy Harvin Says He Didn’t Feel ‘Accepted’ Or ‘Comfortable’ In Seattle

Newest Buffalo Bills wide receiver Percy Harvin was a guest on ESPN’s First Take on Wednesday morning, as they reported from the Bills training camp in Rochester, N.Y.

Harvin was asked direct questions from both Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless about his time in Seattle, and while Harvin didn’t provide any bulletin board material per se, he also didn’t exactly hold back when discussing how he felt he was mistreated by the organization.

Here are just a couple of the more pointed quotes Harvin gave, firstly about his relationship with his teammates, specifically his fellow wideouts:

“I felt when I went to Seattle, a lot of the receivers kind of took me as a threat rather than accepted me as a teammate. I always told those guys, I pulled them to the side several times, after seeing the comments they were making to the media, ‘Hey, guys. I’m here to ball with you to take us to the next level.’ A lot of guys were looking at it like they were already established. They didn’t need any help. I just took it as I wasn’t accepted in the receiver group by all the members.”

Later, he spoke about the difference between Seattle and Buffalo:

“Seattle at times I felt as though I had to come in and be the guy to sit in the back and not say too much, kind of walk on egg shells. That in itself drew frustrations on top of not being accepted in my receiver group. Just kind of was never able to get comfortable in Seattle.”

When asked by Skip Bayless if he thought that Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll had taken Doug Baldwin’s side in their famous scuffle before a preseason game last year, Harvin said this:

“I don’t know who’s side he took, you know, but I was the one who ended up leaving, so I kind of took it as that.”

Although the Bills and Seahawks don’t play this year during the regular season (but they could meet in the Super Bowl, if you ask delusional Bills fans), Harvin will get his shot at one of his other former teams, the Jets, who Smith straight-up refused to ask him about, in Week 10 and Week 17.