Does Ronda Rousey Like To Have Sex Before Fights? Pete Holmes Asks The Big Questions.

It has become a lot of fun for MMA fans and people who don’t know much about the sport other than “GRRRRRR, PUNCH AND BLOOD!” to hate Ronda Rousey, but it doesn’t do much to change the fact that she’s a total badass and the reigning UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion. But if more people got to see the kinder, funnier side of her that she displayed on last night’s episode of The Pete Holmes Show, they might not hate her as much. That is, at least until the next time that she fights and declares that she doesn’t give a crap about her opponent and everyone’s all, “Why she gotta be so mean?!?!”

Ever the giggly comedian, Holmes stepped into the ring with Rousey to try out a few moves and learn the pain of her signature armbar, but much more importantly, he asked the champ her thoughts on sex before a fight. Her answer is probably going to swing a lot more male fans back in her favor.